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La Rochelle

We are thursday 15th april 2021 and we celebrate
Saint Paterne

Tomorrow we shall celebrate Saints Benoît et Joseph

The dynamic tower of Dubaï
The dynamic tower of DubaïThe Prince of Dubaï and United Arab Emirates vice President is considered as a real visionary man of the future.

The realisation of M. Fisher’s dream concerning the achievement that represents the dynamic tower of Dubaï had been inspired by his Prince Highness who said:
“Do not wait the future coming to you… make it real.”

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Loi Hadopi
Loi HadopiThe law project «Internet and creation», sometimes named « Hadopi law » or « Olivennes law » too, according to its main instigator ; is a French law project mainly concerning internet author rights.

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Fisker Karma
Fisker KarmaIf the main body line is impressive, the friendship with the ambitious Quantum society which made the Karma hybrid motorization, is a source of credibility.

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